Recent models

The highlights of the winter season 2019/2020 in all categories

You will find equipment in pristine condition and especially adapted to your needs at the sci rental Kronplatz. We have the right material for both beginners and advanced skiers and our equipment it is suitable for black, red as well as blue slopes.

Ski Basic***

  • Skis for beginners and for intermediate skiers. For a safe experience at a moderate pace.

Allround Carving****

  • These allround carving skis will allow you to run with agility on any terrain with a waist width of about 70mm. They allow effortless skiing for advanced skiers as well as for beginners.

Sport Carving*****

  • Our sport carving skis are a perfect mix of allround, allmountain, slalom and race skis. They are suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers.

Premium Carving******

  • High-quality skis of the current season for advanced and very advanced skiers – whatever your technique and pace, these premium carving skis will allow for optimal power transmission and floatation.